I am 37 and I started having a sharp stabbing pain in my neck. After feeling it all the time I started noticing that my salivary gland behind my ear was more firm...and then I noticed swollen lymph nodes. As I became more aware I started getting occasional ringing in my ears and more common ear aches and feelings of needing to "pop" my ears.

I went to the ENT who agreed with my diagnosis and ordered a CT scan and blood work up including cat scratch test.

Blood looked good and CT had nothing worthy of panic...so he diagnosed me with a benign lymph node. Said I could have it removed or that I could watch it for a while to see if they grew.

Now my throat feels swollen and its annoying to swallow.
I never really had a sore thoat though...

It is comforting to know that so many people out there have the same problem but at the same time-what freakish thing is wrong with all of us that we can't get a diagnosis that makes sense?

Reading all these posts was like re-living the past 6 months. I hope that someone can shed some light.

**On a scary note- I got a call from the metabolic disease associates...I don't even know who they are, but I am hoping they are calling about the cat scratch test-they didn't have that in when I was at the ENT-of course they were closed when I got the message so I have to wait to call till monday.....wish me luck!