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I had neck fusion C5/6 & 6/7surgery four months ago (2-01-10), neck feels better and no major pains after surgery, however plate is been hurting my throat and swollen, having difficulty to swallow,... on follow up check ups with Dr. he says that plate is in place, healing is going well and nothing is suppose to happened, He also told me that this feeling could be psychological,... I am sure some thing is happening to my throat, it is hurting and feel sick and very uncomfortable.
I appreciate any comments or advice in this regard, - any body can contact me to my email to

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i had c5 c6 done 8 months ago and yes it has helped the pain in my neck the tinggleing in my arms and down my back. I to have swelling in the throat ... feels like i have something stuck in the middle of my throat and my voice is not the same. I can sing or even yell ... by the end of the night i sound nothing like me. My dr is one of the best in the usa. He is sending me to a throat Dr. I must say it is makeing me very nervous. I will be going to the dr. in a about two months hoepfully sooner. i will give you my email . This is not psychological at all. Like i said my dr is one of the best ... he has made most of the new invetions for the spine. I was told by him this could happen before he did the surgery. This is the chance you take . Still not liking it at all.... I will keep you posted on what it is