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a friend has had a baby born with no throid .what is the long term prognosis ?


Hello! This kind of disorder happens very rarely and if it is not diagnosed at the beginning or if it is treated late, it may have severe consequences.

It is good that the baby’s problem was noticed in time and s/he will have to take thyroid hormones for the rest of the life. Well, that is much better then to go through life suffering as it would with no treatment.

Thyroid gland influences energy, temperature, metabolism, growth, and intelligence. With low or non existing levels of thyroid hormone a baby will experience malfunction of all of these functions. In babies. Prolonged jaundice is common, a baby won’t eat well, will be constipated, may have large head, bellies and tongues. The temperature, heart rate and blood count are usually below normal.

Physical development and growth are also impaired, as well as mental health.

However, these retardations can be prevented by giving the adequate dose of thyroid hormone and things should be fine as soon as the body acustomizes to the drug. Children who are treated within first month to month-and-a-half generally develop normal intelligence.

How is the baby doing? Have they already started giving her medications?