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My daughter had Hashimotos thyroiditis and had her thyroid removed. She is in her late 30's and has hd two miscarriages. She wants a baby and we were wondering what her chances are. Her pcp is unwilling to change her thyroid medications and has referred her back to the ob/gyn. He doesn't seem overly concerned about the miscarriages and says that after the third miscarriage they will start checking into fertility problems. Everything we have read suggest that the tyroid levels could have a direct bearing in maintaining a viable pregnancy. Are there specialists that would be better able to handle this problem? And if so, what specialty should we look for?
Thanks for any help you can provide.



I can understand that this is really affecting your daughter’s life. Human chorionic gonsdotropin, also known as hCG and estrogen can influence the increase of thyroid hormone in the blood. Now if you daughter is using hormone therapy to replace the thyroid hormone this might interact in the wrong way causing her to miscarriage. Thyroid hormone is very important in normal development of babies brain and it’s nervous system. The first trimmest is the most important here. In what part of the pregnancy does she have the miscarriage? Baby’s thyroid begins to function on its own at 10th week of pregnancy.

I think she should talk to another doctor about medication that she is using.

I hope this helped