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found mass found on throid what could it be?


Hello there! The mass you found on thyroid could be many things related to the thyroid gland but it could also not be a thyroid mass at all. How do you feel it? Do you feel a lump in your throat that won’t go away? That could actually be from the stress and nervousness. Are you having hard time at the moment?

However, if what you had felt is indeed a thyroid mass, then you should definitely have it checked by a doctor. Thyroid mass can be seen in a regular physical examination.

Tell me, do you suffer from any additional symptoms like swollen neck lymph nodes or palms sweating or anything alike?

How old are you anyway? What about your gender? Many women experience thyroid problems after pregnancy. However, younger girls are also prone to thyroid problems as well.

Thyroid mass could indicate thyroid cyst, nodules and even tumors. In 15to 25 %, the masses are cysts. It could be an inflammation of the thyroid gland or a goiter.

Do you suffer from any pain?