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If you've been working hard to get that sweet body, don't let it go to waste during your vacation! Follow these top 10 tips to maintain your body and stay on track while you go on holidays.

On an all-inclusive one week cruise, it is estimated that passengers gain an average of 14 pounds. Arguably the toughest time to maintain your diet and fitness regime is during your vacation. While it may be tough, it is still possible to stay on track even when you're out of the routine and away from home. We've compiled the top tips that you can follow to keep your diet and exercise on track during your vacation.

1. Come prepared

Expect not to have access to your usual gym or training equipment. Plan what sorts of activities you can do to replace your usual workouts. If you can bring stretch bands or other equipment, then do just that. Its also important to bring your workout gear; shoes, clothes and whatever else you may need to workout.

2. Expect to engage in newer activities

A part of planning ahead is to find out what new activities you may be able to try. If you don't bike and find out there are bike paths, its a good idea to rent a bicycle and get your exercise that way. If you're on a beach, try jogging- you'll be amazed at the intensity of running through sand. A beach side workout can be short and sweet and very effective. Other great workouts include: swimming, playing beach volleyball, hiking, snorkeling and more!

3. Research the local food

Find out what healthy local foods there are that you can seek out. Find out where the best spots are to eat ahead of time, and even ask the locals when you arrive at the destination. If you're really not sure, you can always ask your server or waiter how the foods are cooked or what ingredients are used.

4. Be creative and adaptable with workouts

You probably won't be able to do the same exercises you usually do, but you may be able to perform comparable ones. Using the everyday items around you, you can easily create a workout space which resembles your the usual exercises. Using a bag for weight, stairs for a  step, or chairs for a bench, you'll be surprised how simple it is to work the same muscles with a little creativity and imagination. You can do lunges, single-leg squats and deadlifts, step ups, push ups (on bench, as well), tricep dips, and much more!

5. Balance your portions

Eat plenty of fruits and veggies while your away- just because extravagant, rich food is available, it doesn't mean you must eat it for every meal! Be aware of what you're eating in each meal and go for light food items every now and again. Be sure to continue to eat a good balance of grains, meats or meat products, fruits and veggies. 

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