Yesterday i woke up to small bumps dotting the right corner of my mouth and later that day to the center-point or "bulge" on your top lip.

These smalls bumps i've had before on a couple of my fingers that have come and gone, usually appear around summer and go away within a week.
However, this is the worst i've had them and the first time on my face/around the mouth.

In appearance they are generally white blisters or bubbles in a dense cluster, however the one on the top lip is a single 'blister' per-say cusing the lip to swell slightly. The skin around the bumps isn't generally read, just the normal skin tone. After a few days, near the end of the cycle these bumps generally harden some and in their center develop a brown dot as if they were scabbing and were the healing wound of a pin-prick.

On occasion they will tend to itch slightly, however not much. Primarily they are just all around painful. Its only been a dull.. numbing pain so far. Especially around the upper lip.

One lymph node that i could see/feel was swollen, the rest are fine and that node is the very fore submental lymph node.

The bumps look as if they're filled with a slight bit of fluid, a'la the reason why they appear to be "clear" bubbles on the top of the skin.

So far i have two options as to what this could be..

Herpes.. or Eczema

Herpes - They look like a form of oral herpes developed from sexual contact. However there is only one person i have had sexual contact with and i know she does not have this type of herpes, nor any other kind. In addition there has been no oral (sexual) contact between us to produce something like this.

Eczema - They itch and have developed like Exczema (or Dermatitis) and have produced a slightly painful but also itchy patch of bumps on the top of my skin. My nose is running and i kind of feel like i'm getting sick which would point to allergies, and Eczema is often caused by allergic breakouts.

Does anyone have any idea what these could be? of if they've had them before?