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hi there. this is my first post here. I have scaled the internet trying to find some info & landed here. hopefully someone can help me understand what might be going on.

for about a month & a half I have been experiencing tiny "cracks" or stretches in my vulva. they ALWAYS appear in the area between the top of my hood to the "hair-line" and also around my vaginal opening down to my perineum. they are not deep gaping wounds or anything but they do burn, sting & itch at times. it seems like when I get the top part healed the bottom cracks..... arghhhhh.... grrrr.....

I am in a VERY faithful long term monogamous relationship. I am sure that this is not an STD... I have tried polysporin, vagisil, monistat cream & zinc oxide in small amounts on these cracks. they always heal up within a few days but then new ones appear.

sometimes it also feels burning or irritating to have sex. my partner is experiencing some dryness on his penis as well lately. we have enjoyed a very healthy & active sex life for a very long time & this is VERY upsetting.

Have read some scary stuff online about what this could be... everything from herpes, vulvodynia, lichen sclerosis, vulvar cancer, estrogen level problems or even just from taking the pill. I am in my early 30's so menopause is probably out.

It would help immensely to know I am not alone here.
All suggestions & explanations welcome!
anyone else experience anything like this?

Thanks so much.


it could be that your fluid is to acidic try to use perinial wash it is lotion that might help