Hi. I have been experiencing some itchiness on my clit, and only there. I have also noticed a white-ish buildup underneath my cilitoral hood (I would not classify the buildup as looking like cottage cheese either), it looks more like..peeling skin I suppose, and when I rub it out of my clit, it rolls up. I am sexually active with one monogamous partner, I am on birth control pills, and recently stopped taking antibiotics (about the day before the itching started). A few days before the itching started, I used a vibrator to "get off", and I'm not sure if this information is relevant. I have also had sex since the itching started, and there was no pain or itching during sex, and the itching is not constant-primarily there when I wake up in the morning. Will this just go away? Or do I have a yeast infection or something?
I already have a doctor's appointment, but the soonest available time is a bit far off, so I'm hoping to find some help here. Thanks!