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I am just wondering if anyone can give me some information in regards to something I found the other day. I found a pinkish (grapefruit colored) tissue chunk and a few scant either blood fragments or tissue fragments in my urine yesterday. It was about an inch in diameter and I know this is more than need to info, I gathered it to kind of look at it (I am taking diagnostic cytology in school, so it intrigued me). It was kind of tough and I put it in my's shrunken by this morning. I didn't feel any pain...there is pressure in my lower abdomen area and sometimes I feel it more when I am laying down...but other than that..everything seems normal. I am naseous alot, but I am not sure if the two correlate. Any suggestions?


Hi there,

When you have tissue in your urine this means that you might have renal papillary necrosis. This is a condition that most often affects your kidneys where part of renal papillae die. If you don’t know renal papillae are opening of the collecting ducts that enter in the kidney. This condition can be caused by kidney infection or urinary tract blockage, but some cases might even be caused by diabetic nephropathy. The thing is that without test you can’t really know what caused tissue to appear in your urine. Also sickle cell anemia might cause the tissue in urine. My suggestion would be to consult your doctor about this issue and find the right cause of your problem.