The American Cancer Society and the International Union Against Cancer, WHO and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published two Tobacco Atlas that show us what tobacco will do to us in the years to come.
The atlases reveal that although all the steps that would be taken to reduce smoking rates and cancer risks, there will be constant raise in the number of smokers as the population increases.
Still, with proper actions millions of lives could be saved over the next few decades.
It has been estimated that tobacco will kill 10 times more people that in did in the last century, raising the number up to a billion people.

Things that could decrease cancer rates are tobacco reduction and changing diets and introducing fruits and vegetables and cutting down on saturated fats.

If health officials as well as other organizations take certain actions as planned, 2 million people could be saved by 2020 and 6.5 million by 2040.

Tobacco-related cancers as well as cardiovascular and pulmonary disease take around 5 million people each year and the numbers are going up.

It has been estimated that more than 70% of people who smoke will develop tobacco related diseases and die from smoking.