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The population on earth today is almost four times the number it was back in 1900.
Today, there are 6.5 billion people worldwide and reports show that this number will reach 7 billion on Oct 18, 2012, at 4:36 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

It is amazing that every second 4.4 people are brought to life and that in just six years time, it will be 7 billions of us. At the beginning of twentieth century, this number was 3.5 times smaller and since the 60’s the number has doubled. This shows that in just twelve years time world’s population grew from 5 to 6 billion.

Although the population is growing, the birth and death rates differ around the world. Chinas population stands for 1.4 billion while India’s stand for 1.1 billion. They make up for the 35% of the whole world. Although China has stabilized its growth, India’s rates are still growing.


I found this old post from heidi, and it seamed very interesting, I would like to here your opinion on this.
And also she put up an interesting poll.


There was a UN report that I read about the future of the world and the population and all that. I found out that we can probably expect to max out at 9 billion people, even by the most liberal estimates. I don't think that's totally unreasonable, especially if we start to adopt genetically modified food. If we don't, well, we may not be able to sustain the population. Does anyone else know?