I am 36 years old, having had a life full of tonsillitis, the prospect of launching a new business blighted with days off here  and there with tonsillitis wasn't worth contemplating, however, having recently had a tonsillectomy I would say proceed with caution!


Day 1: operation day : woke up out of surgery coughing and in discomfort to which the nurses and doctors immediately responded and gave me some tramadol which worked but made me sick so they gave me an anti sickness injection which was actually very welcome as it made me drowsy and therefore nice and sleepy!  I had evening surgery and didn't come up to my room until 10pm.  I then had a comfortableish night complete with ibuprofen/codeine/paracetamol.


Day 2: after a comfortable but restless night I then was a little more uncomfortable In the morning and then the nurses said I had to eat toast and have a cup of tea! It wasn't pleasant but honestly not as bad as you'd think.  On leaving hospital I was prescribed soluble paracetamol, tramadol and ibuprofen and told to eat and drink as normally as possible not just soft food!  I remember thinking "this isn't as bad as I thought it would be, yeah it's painful but only as bad as a very sore throat"


Day 3: how wrong could I be! Painful?? That isn't the word.  I woke countless times feeling like someone had poured acid down my throat! I just thought to myself 'ah, I haven't escaped the painful period!' lots of medication needed to get me through.  Managed to eat some soup and a piece of bread.


Day 4: took a look at my throat.  Horrible white scabs, yuck.  Lots of pain, soups and bread, not terribly easy to swallow.  Very painful day.


Day 5: an awful day, tongue swollen, earache, horrendous throat pain, just hideous. Little bits of green infection started to appear so my husband decided to take me to the docs. I told the docs that I didn't want the tramadol and I had been taking codeine I'd had in.  He prescribed codeine and antibiotics - erythromycin 250mg x4 times per day. He also said that the pain could last for a few days more!  Managed to eat a soft wrap.


DaY 6: rather Disgustingly the scabs have begun to fall off, really not nice as I've ended up spitting them out. It's very very painful probably 9/10 and that's from someone who has had over 15 operations included a leg reconstruction! It really is Ridiculously painful.  I have a two and five year old and my husband has been looking after them single handedly! I don't know how anyone would cope wiTh looking after kids, cooking and general daily life in the week after surgery.  This is really very painful.


Day 7:  more of the same, minimal food, lots of pain relief, bed all day and generally horrendous pain is 10/10!! Lots of crying!


Day 8: the morning started  the same, after 6 sleepless nights I'm shattered. I got up with the kids in the night as my husband is exhausted with working full time, meetings here and there, cooking and generally being a superstar.  It feels like lots of the scabs are coming away this morning.  Another horrible Side effect is the constipation that comes along with taking codeine.  For the last 6 days I've also been taking lactulose but it's not really helped.  I now have a sore tummy and am extremely bloated!  I felt in the evening that the pain was slightly better more of a 6/10 however that is still with full time ibuprofen,paracetamol and codeine!


Day 9 - sleepless night with about 4-5 wake ups and regular meds.  I've been really trying to up my water intake as I currently haven't drunk enough.  Woke up with a very bad throat and really bad ear pain of about 8/10, strangely it hurts when I speak, my jaw hurts and I feel like I have acid burning the back of my throat.  Incidentally it is the right side that has been the worst, the left has been ok, sore but ok. Strangely it was always the right side which was worst in tonsillitis.  Regular meds but I'm really trying to cut down on codeine as I've still not properly been to the loo, it's now over a week!!!! I've now only pottered downstairs a few times and have really mainly been in bed for 9 days. I tried to make hotpot yesterday and whilst I succeeded I had no energy whatsoever after it.  I cried a lot this morning but I think it's more out of sheer frustration along with pain. By the afternoon my pain is 5/10 with paracetamol/ some codeine and ibuprofen. This is not an easy journey.  I'm only up to day 9 as it's today.  I feel like I'm on the right track but am still very weak and sore.


My general advice would be take regular medication every 2 hours either paracetamol or ibuprofen and codeine or whatever else they give you.


I also think you need to know how painful this journey is. As a child its much easier I believe but as an adult it really is very full on. You will need someone to take care of your family if you have one and you will need someone to bring you drinks in the first week/ ten days and to reassure you!


I'm sure it will be worth it to have no more tonsillitis (that's all that has kept me going) But please don't underestimate it.  My scabs haven't gone yet and I'm sure there's a lot more pain to get through but I feel like I'm on the other side.


Good luck and please feel free to ask me any questions, I will give you a truthful answer!