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Hello, my name is adam and I'm on day 8 of my recovery, bored as hell, and decided to write down my experience somewhere. I'm 20 years old and had my fair share of surgeries, this marks number 4. This time I had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. The doctor cut them off first then cauterized the wound after. Overall, I know that itll be worth it but man, what an ANNOYING recovering this has been. 

here we go

day 1- Got home from the hospital and went straight to bed. woke up a couple hours later feeling pretty good from the anesthesia still. I began scarfing down jello, frozen yogurt and applesauce. it was a little discomfort but just felt like a regular sore throat. oh and I drank like 6 bottles of water

day 2- also not too bad, little more pain. still drinking a lot of water. began spitting in a bag due to mucus. pain pills of hydrocodone were every 4 hours. the only problem I was having during these days was sleeping, i couldn't breathe threw my nose AT ALL.  so I breathed threw my mouth which cause it to be dry all the time which hurt in the morning. 

day 3- medium pain. forgot a pain pill and started getting a bad headache and ear ache. harder to eat. slept most of the day. 

day 4- horrible pain. but I finally could start walking around on my own and getting my own food, when I rarely wanted it. now avidly on the pain meds every 3-3 1/2 hours

day 5- horrible pain. I woke up thinking there were knives in my throat and ears. took another painkiller, i didn't care how soon i took the last one. it made things tolerable but i couldn't swallow at all. it was so painful.

day 6- medium pain. I started skimping on water. it still hurt to drink. so when i took my daily pee it stung really bad cause the painkillers weren't being diluted in my body as much. I also began coughing on this day and choking on my spit a lot. i was able to eat mac n cheese and mashed potatoes which was a+

day 7- medium pain. the scabs were coming off like it was going out of style. i coughed and one flew out which was disgusting. I cleared my throat a couple hours later and another, came out a bit bigger. then at night i cleared the mucus in my nose and boom, the biggest scab yet, came off...probably the entire adenoid cause it was up in the nasal region. size of a quarter. it was the grossest thing ever. BUT my breath smells so much better now. i also didn't bleed when they came off oddly. 

day 8- discomfort, small to no pain. off the pain meds. I've been bleeding all day. not like gushing but a lot very slowly. just drinking ice cold water and gargling too. have a mild stomach ache from what I think is swallowing the blood so i really hope i don't takes a lot for me so we'll see. other then that I'm okay, just sick of being in this house

I'll follow up with the coming days.

btw, I don't mean to scare you. or encourage you at that. I'm merely putting my story out there. enjoy 



This didnt sound like a fun experience at all!

I'm a 21 year old female and I had my tonsils removed about a year ago when I was also 20. I had a wonderful experience :) I'd had a permanent infection in my tonsils for months so I'd become very use to throat pain. For the first couple days I didn't really take any meds. I just continued to eat normal foods as advised by my doctor.. Toast etc was supposed to help the throat rather then hurt it :) my pain got very bad around day 7-9 and it hurt a lot to eat. I got rid of my prescribed meds because they were making me feel sick and started having dissolvable over the counter pain killers. They got rid of the pain within minutes and were great.. Recommend them to anyone.. You just have a glass before you eat and it's all fine. I would happily have the operation again. I had no bleeding at all. The one thing that annoyed me was not being able to yawn for about 2-3 weeks :)


Hey, I'm Molly and I'm a 19yo female who is on... DAY 1! Yep, just got surgery a few hours ago and I'm already bored. I figured this is a good thread since both of you are basically my age.

Day 1: The surgery went well, and I was very talkative afterwards. The morphine was ahmazingggg and I felt completely fine! Then it wore off and I felt like I wanted to die. I took the pain meds they gave me (Vicodin), came home, and chilled for a bit. I've been napping a bit. I'm drinking some water, but it hurts so much to drink it still, AND I've taken 3 pills already today.... No food at all, which is making me kinda queasy, and the heavy medication makes my head/body feel weird. The nurse said today's the worst, but I think she lied because from everyone else's posts it seems like it's only gonna get a whole lot worse...


Day 2: last night wasn't too bad. woke up every couple of hours to take the pills. I'm able to drink juice now! Just so everyone knows, I received a tonsillectomy, and an adenioseptoplasty too so my recovery might be slightly different than others. Im awake now but will probably go back to sleep again.