First of all, I can not bare people who say "don't listen to anyone it's not that bad!" Because everyone is different and you can't speak for others when everyone has a different experience just because yours wasn't too bad!I had a tonsillectomy 28/11/14 If I The pain is literally unbearable! The day of the op your on too much medication to feel any pain so I ate a chicken and mushroom potnoodle a few hours after waking up, (believe me they was the best thing for me to eat and felt manageable on my throat so stock up on these) so the hospital let me go home (they can't let you You go home until you eat) my advise is to make the hospital keep you in for the first night because I wish I hadn't been in such a rush to get home as I woke up in agony the next morning, unbearable pain worse than tonsillitis and very bad ear ache, as for the ear ache I use a trick my dad taught me when I was little and it really works! Scrunch up some tissue or cotton wool, wet them under cold water and rinse them a little so there nice and damp and stick them in your ears it really does take the pain down a lot! It does get worse each day, days 4 and 5 were unbearable for me and I cried a lot, I have a high pain tolerance and have had Gaul stones so I know what pain is! Much more painful that having my Gaul blabber removed. On day 5 I was in that much pain I decided to go to A&E because no one should have to suffer that much I couldn't talk at all, I was put on a UV drip of steroids, penicillin, paracetamol and lots of water and felt much better I was also given better pain killers the dissolvable co-codamol works wonders and helps you sleep. I was really dreading today (day 6) because apparently it's the worst but I was so happy when I woke up as the pain was bearable today! I think that May have been due to the drip yesterday and all the painkillers I was given, so if your in a lot of pain definitely go straight to A&E and don't feel stupid doing it like I did! Because as soon as I got there I was put to the front of the queue because they know how painful it is, and put on a drip due to dehydration, I think everyone who has this op should be put on a drip until their better because it sorted me right out! I got really annoyed when the doctors were telling me to eat because they'd obviously never had there tonsils removed before and didn't understand how hard it is, but they really do know what there talking about because when id manage a pot noodle I'd feel much better afterwards! It's the only way to get rid of the sores on your throat and also DRINK!!!! Have water on you constantly for me it was easier drinking through a straw, just take small sips very often and it will keep your throat hydrated because the pain is like nothing you've ever imagined if you let your throat dry up! I am still worried as I am only on day 6 and it's normally around day 10 that you start to see an improvement (full recovery is at least 2 weeks) so I'm not relaxing just yet as my wounds haven't turned into scabs yet or fell off which is supposed to be a lot of pain. If you start bleeding at all make sure you go straight to A&E because bleeding after a tonsillectomy can be fatal it is a major operation. My overall advice so far is too keep hydrated and try and eat at least one small meal a day just something soft if you can't manage solids although solids are better I was told but I still can't manage them yet! An one more thing before bed time make sure you have some chewing gum it will help by moving the muscles in your throat and getting lots of saliva going, I wouldn't advise anyone to chew any in the morning as it was too painful for me but everyone is different. If Someone was to ask me whether or not they should get a tonsillectomy I would have to be honest and say don't do it! The pain is just too much and I hope I never go through anything like this again, although I'm sure I won't regret it in the long run as I was suffering from bacterial tonsillitis once a month, but to be honest I'd rather that than go through this but everyone is different! I think I just went into it with my eye closed and weren't expecting so much pain, just make sure you don't suffer in silence and if your in too much pain go to the hospital and they should nock you out with pain killers I'm just sorry I didn't go sooner! Oh and anyone worrying about the anesthetic, honestly don't worry it's nothing! You just tart to feel really sleepy and then the next thing you know your waking up! The anesthetic team are always really lovely too as there used to dealing with anxious patients. Anyway like I have stated many times in my post everyone is different and everyone will have good days and bad days just don't lie in bed all day feeling sorry for yourself and not helping yourself because you will regret it, get yourself up and to A&E if the pain gets really bad and don't worry it will end at some point!