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I'm 34 y/o and I've suffered from reoccurent strep throat for the past year and a half. During this period I've had strep almost every 2 - 3 months like clockwork (8 times since last July). My doc says enough is enough and that I "need" to have my tonsills removed. If a tonsillectomy will solve my reoccurent strep problem then I'd be more than willing to do it.

My question to those of you who have had a Tonsillectomy due to repeated strep infections - Did having your tonsills removed decrease your occurence of strep?

I also suffer from cryptic tonsills and get tonsil stones on a regular basis that often cause a sore throat.


Don't do it!!! I'm a 15 year old female, yes after the process I'm sure you'd feel better... I'm post op day 7. The recovery is AWFUL!!! Teeth aches , head aches, EAR ACHES (badly!!!) (usually days 4-8.) it's not worth it!!! Dealing with step or an illness for 3-7 days is MUCH better than the so called "helpful" pos surgery! I NEVER would suggest this! Unless you can't breathe, DONT get it done. It is painful, and annoying! I would rather have my tonsils still than to go through a 1-3 week recovery! On medication, dealing with earaches and pains. And practically starving for about a week! It's horrible! Because then, when the scabs start forming and or falling off, you can barely eat or drink because it burns too much !!!! Don't!!!!!!!