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Recently I rode my bike for the first time since September. After about 30 minutes of riding I experienced great pain in my vaginal area. When I looked at it at home I realized that I had torn or stretched my left labia and it had created a white kind of sore that resembles what you get in your mouth when you bite your cheek. It has been three days since it happened and I am experiencing burning and itching in the surrounding area, is this normal? what should I do? I am also sexually active, I don't know if that's a factor.


I did the same sort of thing but whilst having sex with my partner. The next day I remember trying to go the the toilet which made me cry as it was burning so much. After a day of trying to not go the the toilet I got a doctors appointment.

The doctor just advised me to put the caneston thrush cream on to help sooth it. It did cool it down but think you have to just wait untill it heals by itself.

Hope this helps xx