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This is hard to explain but basically I can’t pull my foreskin back very far to reveal the tip of my penis because it hurts so much. I’ve done a lot of reading about this and in many cases it suggested pulling your foreskin back during puberty. However, I am now 22 and I’ve never done anything like that. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 20, and I’ve had problems ejaculating during sex. I haven’t had that much sex because of it. Also, when my ex-girlfriend was performing oral sex on me, it was very painful when the foreskin was being retracted.

I haven’t tried pulling the foreskin all the way back because once it gets to a certain point the pain really is unbearable. When I masturbate I don't pull the foreskin with massive hard strokes, it requires several little strokers aimed mostly at the tip of my penis. As I said during sex I can reach climax, but it is quite difficult and is not as easy as it perhaps should.

Erm….any advice? 8-|


I'm sorry to hear you have gone through all this discomfort.

I also have the same problem yet i have not had sex and i know things will not go as i thought they would.

It seems you have a condition called 'Phimosis' its were the foreskin cannot retract over the glans (head of penis) as the foreskin is to tight. I would go to your doctors and just get a check up to see if there is no infections things like that. The doctor will problem give you cream and tell you to do streching exercises to retract your foreskin as far as you can and hold for a few minutes. He/she will probly tell you to do this about 3+ times a day through a period of days,weeks or months. Then see how things go, if it does not work the next sugestion he/she will give it is circumcision. Now i would leave circumcision to the very last resort. As there are more ways of curing it than just circumcision. There are things you can buy over the internet such as -

Many people have same problem, i am only in my teens and i have been looking on the internet non-stop for cures and there is other ways than just circumcision. I don't have Phimosis but my foreskin is quite tight and i have split the tip of my penis due to my foreskin >:(

I hope this information has been useful and let me know how things go, good luck!


Have you tried using a penis health creme that contains Vitamin E and shea butter?  A lot of uncircumcised guys use a creme for exactly the reason you described above. These ingredients will hydrate and loosen your foreskin, allowing it to retract without any discomfort.  You should check it out.  Hope this helps.