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My partner and I have been trying to have a baby for a while and i've been having sex on my fertile days and the day that i'm ovulating lately i've been feeling tiered not so much i need to sleep i just need to lay down i jus dont have as much energy as i've had before and also i've been having some back pain could this be a sign of pregnancy


Hi Rone: These 2 are symptoms of pregnancy! Do you have any of these as well?

1. Sore breasts
2. Darkening and Enlarging of the aeroals
3. Hip and groin pain
4. Nausea to the smell of foods - ESPECIALLY fried foods
5. Sniffles - feels like a cold
6. Enlarging of the nose?

Also if you can tell me when your last period was and when you had sex etc. I can help you further!! They call me the "Pregnancy Queen" on here!!! ;-)