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Hi there,

Myself and my partner have been trying to conceive now since January 2011, I have been of LevlenED since December 2010 now and have had iregular periods since. My doctor has confirmed there is nothing wrong and at no stage have I tested positive.  I do not smoke nor do I drink or take drugs, I couldnt say I eat overly healthy but I supplement this with Centrum daily and also take Folic Acids incase I do conceive other than this i am not on any medication .

I am 17 years old a fully qualified Certificate 3 Hairdresser working full time and also from home  and In a loving relationship of 4 years.

I can understand that some people are going to have a opinion of this which you are entitled to but this is the decisions that we have made and we feel ready and prepared to bring a baby home to this safe and loving environment to provide everything our baby will need and want. I have always wanted a baby and come from a family of 6, My Mum comes from a family of 5 and her Mum comes from a family of 9 so babies are very much in my family and I cannot wait for this experience.


Thankyou very much to anyone that takes the time to reply to this post and many thanks in advance.



Just wondering how long you were on the pill and what your periods were like before the pill? The pill can mask any irregularities that you may have with ovulation. I was on Monofeme for 8 years and my periods weren't exactly regular before I was on it (anywhere from 1-3 months between) but after stopping the pill in December 2010, I haven't had a period other than the final withdrawel bleed which doesn't count.

I've been to the doctors several times and after I'd gone 4 months without a period the doctor said it's entirely normal for your body to take up to 2 years to regulate itself after the pill. Now after 6 months, I'm having more tests done to find out whats going on in there. I know its frustrating to not get any results as I'm also trying to conceive but thats the way it is.

Be thankful that you are having periods because that shows that you are in fact ovulating and remember that for each ovulation there is only a small window of opportunity to get pregnant (the ovum lives for approximately 24 hours).  That limitation put together with irregular periods makes it even more difficult to get pregnant as you have fewer opportunities and less ability to predict when you are ovulating.

When I discussed it with the doctor all he said was "You could always try a little harder ;-) " SO fRUSTRATING!!!!

Anyway good luck with it.... Keep us posted.