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I recently had an abortion on June 25 and im trying to conceive... i went to my F/U appt on July 16 (3 wks after abortion) and Doctor told me i was ok already. I had a ultrasound preformed and my uterus showed no pregnancy which means that the abortion was completed correctly. They also did a pregnancy test and it was neg... so the abortion was a success! But i want to get pregnant again! I bought ovulation test strips to detect when im ovulating. It has been 3 weeks after abortion and the ovulation strip detected LH Surge which means im ovulation... Is It possible to ovulate 3 weeks after menstual cycle started? I thought we ovulate 14 days after bigining of cycle. Is my cycle different now because of abortion? I hope someone can help me with answers... I really want to get pregnant!

:$ I had the abortion because pregnancy in this situation was a bad idea...i was separated from my husband (which we were trying to conceive for the past 7 months with no success) and then i had sex with another guy one time and i got preg. I love my husband and we already have a daughter together but we were hoping to conceive our second child... being separated and me with this situation made me realized that us being separated was a mistake.... now we r back together for about 1 month and our relationship is better than ever.... Please help! ?



your hormones will be slightly different after the termination. Just wait a month or so to have a period and then start calculating again. also remember the 14 day ovulation test was done on hundreds of women and is only a general estimate, everyone is different, but if you ovulating you can fall pregnant and you can ovulate for up to 4 days.:-D