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I had my abortion in 31 dec. 2010 at that time i was 6 week pregnant. after my abortion i had scan after one month then some tissues were left, so doctor give me tablets again to wash out everything. On that day i don't have any heavy bleeding. I had heavy bleeding after one month second dose. After that I was bleeding continuously, then agian visited the hospital, now there was not any tissues in my stomach but bleeding continued. Then I visited my GP and told him everything, he given me some medcine to stop bleeding. Then I had my cervic (Smear) test abnormal, then I had my cevic biopsy which was mild abonormal. After six months I agaon had my smear test now everything was normal. Then I started trying to conceive because I want a baby, Now I am trying for more than  a year, but m not successful. Is my abortion caused any deformity in me? or is there any other reason. Please provide me slution to get pregnant soon.


Just be patient,i think it's not the right time to come. I also had miscarriage last september 2011 but i didn't go for D & C

My ob-gyn gave me some medicine to wash out everything & pain reliever. She told me to wait & not to worry..