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Hi. I was on birth control(depo) for 2 years and been off for a year and 4 months but my periods come and go. One month i will have a period and the next month i wont but im trying to have a baby...what should i do to help me have a baby?


hi guest 

i can under stand how you are felling as i too was in the same boat it took me and my hubby 2 and a half years to full pregnant with our little one but there is hope first may i ask how old your are? as it all helps to find out what may be the cause it could be a simple little thing like the days you ovulate are wrong or your thinking about it so its not happening but then there are other causes such as polytheistic ovarian syndrome which is where your ovaries produce too many eggs and they don't mature at a normal rate i say this because me being only 23 have them i would like to advise you to get you and your partner vitamins they are what help me and my hubby get pregnant and it is also what the gyno will tell you to get.

they are called now make sure you write them down.

(menevit): for him helps sperm to swim and makes them healthy and active

and for you: (elevit) this has everything to help you have a healthy baby

i am only saying this to you because it works i know from my experience i hope this information will help you have your baby as it did mine :)