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I have a fat deposit that is just below my belly button. I am only around 9 percent body fat, but i continue to look "fat" because of this pudge, or fat around my belly. What are some good workouts to lose this fat, and also, would going on a low fat diet (trying for 40 grams of a fat a day) help, even though i continue to eat carbs etc?


I highly recommend you use to watch your caloric intake and fat intake. It's a free website that gives you a break down of your caloric intake, your fat, protein, and carb in take everyday.
Do not eat more than 25-30% fat if you really want to lose weight.

The only way to lose fat around the belly or anywhere else on the body is by following a CALORIE REDUCED LOW FAT DIET and working out--but no amount of working out ever shows unless you follow a calorie reduced low fat diet. ;-)
Don't worry about eating carbs so long as you are eating carbs in moderation and you're only eating COMPLEX Carbs (fruits, non-starchy vegtables and whole grains) you are doing okay. don't eat white fluffy breads or pasta or anything processed!!

I would also highly recommend winsor pilates if you'd like to really target the abs and get a really flat stomach--the workouts target the core not just the abs which is what you want to do.
As far as you having low body fat (you said 9%?) and only fat on your belly goes well if you try the calorie reduced low fat diet and pilates for at least 3 months and nothing changes then that's just the way your body is most likey due to genetics but trust me I have seen people change whatever genes they were given just by really watching what they ate!
Good luck!