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The most stubborn place to shift excess fat from is the belly region and most people who want to lose weight or tone up find it hard to get rid. But most of the time its down to nutrition and these foods are great at lowering that waist line.

With waistlines on the increase across the globe many people are starting the fight to lose weight and most people want to lose their belly fat as a priority. But without the right nutrition no amount of exercise will shift this so try including these 10 food types in your diet to increase the chance of getting rid of stubborn belly fat.

Citrus Fruits

Most citrus fruits such as oranges and limes contain huge amounts of vitamin C. A lot of the time fat is stored in the belly region when you are stressed or feeling unwell. So boosting the bodies intake of vitamin c will lower the risk of catching cols or viruses meaning you are less likely to store fat in this area. Also foods high in vitamin C help to produce a chemical called carnitine which is essential in making the body burn fats as a fuel.


The avocado is a great fruit to include in your diet and its easy to add it to salads or meals without too much trouble.

These fruits are jam packed with nutrients and essential fats that the bodies requires to burn fats a fuel.

If you add this to your diet 2 or 3 times a week the body will have enough essential fats to allow the easy break down of fats when exercising. The main fat found is oleic acid which is also linked to decreasing the levels of bad cholesterol and thus lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Nuts and Seeds

Similar to avocado nuts and seeds contain a huge amount of the essential fatty acids need to keep the body functioning. Also they are high in protein, protein is essential to allow the body to recover after exercise to give you a bigger chance of exercising more often. But protein has been shown to actually aid in the body metabolising fat quickly to avoid it being stored.

Take a probiotic

probiotics are naturally occurring bacteria that are essential to keep the guy healthy. If your gut isn't healthy and functioning correctly then nutrients and foods cannot be broken down and absorbed into the blood stream effectively. This slows your metabolism down and increases the chance of strong excess fat that cant be digested properly. Also, if our gut is unhealthy this can slow down nervous impulses which will slow cognitive function, lower mood and generally give a feeling of un-wellness. Which will lead you to not want to exercise and thus not burn off the calories you need to.

Whole grains

The metabolism is one of the highest bodily functions for burning calories.

The longer it takes to digest food the more calories your body is using, therefore eating wholegrain food is great.

Whole grains take twice as long and burns twice as many calories as processed foods. Examples of good whole grains are brown rice and oats. As well as this they are high in fibre which will also help to keep digestion regular and working effectively to avoid the risk of storing excess fat.

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