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Hi there. I am Indira a mom of 3months old. I just watched on of your video and 8 mins exercise to keep belly fat in bay is brilliant. But Ihave a belly fat situation after delivered my baby. Which work out will you advice me to do? im completely fit to comeback to exercise, but still struggle to get rid the belly fat. I tried some exercise that you post but still dreaming the results.:-) thanks a lot and keep posting:-)


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Hey Indira.

Congrats on motherhood! :)

regarding weight loss:

1. exercises: cardio workout & weight lifiting (you won't bulk!) and you must lift weights if you want to "tone" your muscles.

can't target just one muscle - for example lose fat on your abs - by working out you lose fat all over your body (although belly fat can be the most stuborn) - anyway always warm up (10 min), cardio workout (either long and slow, or fast and short aka HIIT - about 10-30 minutes), weights (work on all muscle groups: arms, legs, butt, chest, shoulders, back and abs) - and within a few months you will look like before pregnancy ;) 


let me know if you have any questions.