Our youngest child will be 6 in August. After her birth, it was discovered that I had Hyperthyroidism and then Hypothyroidism. After being on medication, my levels went back to normal. 2 years ago I felt crappy again and had blood work done. My TSH was .892 and T4 of 9.2. I was told I was fine. 

I have had depression, anxiety and lack of motivation for all long as I can remember. I was put on Celexa and Adderall within the last year. I've felt somewhat better. 

I started a new job in the end of Jan (2018) after 15 years of being a small business owner. I now work 60+ hours a week but I enjoy it more than working for myself and the stress of having inconsistent income and no health insurance. Part of the hiring process requires a full physical. I had blood work done a week ago. It came back that my TSH is 0.02 and my T4 is 1.4. I am having headaches, sleep issues, exhaustion, blurry vision, nervousness, not gaining weight even though I eat anything I want (I thought the Adderall was helping) menstrating before 28 days, etc. I'm 40 years old. 5'6.75" and weigh 152.

I am concerned that the Adderall could be causing my levels to be low..? I have an appointment with my Endo this Wed.  Any advise?