My nephew is 15 and has some violent issues. He is in therapy and on meds to help. He draws "dark" pictures and has "bad" thoughts that he admits to. So there is already concern and he is getting some help. BUT I have noticed recently that when he is over and we are watching movies or t.v. that has violence or blood and guts kinda stuff he wants to take a shower. While he is in he shower we have to supply alternate noise to cover up his groaning. I think he goes in there and masterbates. I dont know if I should say something to him or if the embaressment would cause an outburst. I spoke to his Mother and she said he is a teenage boy and that it is normal but he fact that he seems to do it alot after veiwing scenes of violence scares me that maybe this should be addressed more seriously. Any thoughts on this? Is he reacting to normal teenage hormones or should I push the issue with his parents? ?