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In the last two weeks a growth or obstruction has appeared on my external area around my anus.This happened quickly and is still there after two weeks .I eat military chow so food consumptio is kind of normal.there is no blood or discomfort except for the small growth about the size of a pinky tip .Is this normal and should I go see a doctor ,which being a heter/male is going to be very embarrassing with the part of my body I need looked at.


This sounds like a hemorrhoid to me. I always thought those hemorrhoids are painful because my best friend was dying out of pain every time he would want to have bowel movements. But, this may not be the case with everybody. Another friend told me she didn’t feel any discomfort either.
I don’t know how much opportunity you have for hemorrhoid home treatments but it is recommended to sit in a warm bath a couple of times a day, and use as much fiber and water as possible and use stool softeners. You don’t have any problems during bowel movements, do you?

Another thing I can remember that can cause growths around the anus is a sexually transmitted disease called Human papiloma virus or genital warts. One can get them around anus although they didn’t have anal sex. They usually grow and spread but can also disappear without a treatment. If this were your case, I would expect you had more than just one but you don’t.

I really don’t know what to think. Other anal abscesses are usually painful and cause swelling around anus, pus, pain during stool passage, so I would rule them out.

As for visiting a doctor, I don’t think you should be ashamed. Do you think that other guys out there don’t have similar problems? I am sure they do.

I would recommend you to see a doc! Good luck!