My dad, an eighty four year old retiree, had recently complained of giddiness and irregular blood pressure. This had been happening for a few months. He was also experiencing occasional abdominal discomfort after he had his usual breakfast with full cream milk. He also experienced diarrhoea whenever he consumed other milk products. One morning he felt a nausea sensation and after some coughing he vomited some blood. Horrified by what we saw, my family members decided to call an ambulance and sent him to the nearest hospital.

After being placed on blood transfusion due to lack of blood, the doctor listened as he described his symptoms and asked him some questions. He noted that my dad's appetite had suffered as a result of the burning pain he was experiencing and also as a result of the fear that he was eating may contribute to the pain. 

My dad had history of smoking for the past 50 years and spent his free time betting on horserace. He also suffered major loss 2 months back when he lost $20 000 in the stockmarket. His favourite food is banana critters and never failed to eat them every weekend.

The doctor referred my dad to the Department of Gastroenterology and had him scheduled for an urgent endoscopy procedure. The endoscopy was performed at the hospital that very afternoon. During the procedure, a long, thin tube was inserted into his mouth and directed into his digestive tract. The end of the tube was equipped with a small claw-like structure that the doctor could use in order to obtain a small tissue sample from the lining of his stomach, if required. 

Analysis of a tissue sample taken from the site showed the presence of helix-shaped, gram-negative bacteria and blood was seen oozing out of a wound in the cardial section of the stomach. The stool sample of Mr Phan was dark red in colour, oily in nature and gave out an unusual foul smell.

The doctor said that the results will only be out 2 weeks from now. I am leaving for the UK in 2 days' time and I have to desperately find out my dad's condition or I won't be able to do my job in the UK in peace. I have suspected my dad of peptic ulcer which could lead to stomach cancer. Can anyone else suggest any other diseases my dad has suffered? Thank you so much.