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what are the symetons for hemerroids because when i use the bathroom i've been having blood come out and i've been in alot of pain like discomfort.


The most common symptoms of hemorrhoid presence are itching, bleeding during BMs and rectal pain. There are differences in the symptoms of internal and external hemorrhoids and I thought you wanted to check them out.

Bleeding and rectal pain are common in external hemorrhoids. The symptoms occur mostly during bowel movements. The most common symptom of internal hemorrhoids are bleeding but also itching due to mucus these hemorrhoids ooze, irritated skin, discomfort related to the feeling of frequent need for bowel movements which are actually false. Depending on the size of the hemorrhoids, they may or may not hurt.

I would advise you to see a doctor. S/he will have a look and see which kind of hemorrhoids you have and if these are hemorrhoids at all. Similar symptoms of bleeding and burning pain during bowel movements are common in anal fissures.