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I have a weird problem when I am having sex with my partner. After a good gap of 2 weeks or so and when I have sex with my wife,the first time I ejaculate inside her within 3 to 5 mins and this is good for the next time when I give around 2-3 days gap. The thrid time that I have sex , I can't ejaculate inside her even though I keep trying and, I get tired and I'm unable to stand erect for long during intercourse. I dunno whats the problem as I am able to ejaculate during the 1st and 2nd time, but after that I need to give alteast a week gap if i have to ejaculate again. This is putting our plans of having kids in real big problem.I don't have any bad habits of smoking or so and I stopped masturbating after my marriage.I'm not on any medication.

I hear from my friends that when ever they have sex, they ejaculate whereas I am unable to do it reguarly.
Please advice and help me how to over come this problem.This is causing alot of mental stress to me .

Thanks for ur help and advice.


Yes some type of pills do , it just depends on the pill