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Lost 50+ pounds in 5 months because I cannot eat

2-4 hours after eating I experience:
Moderate to Extreme upper abdominal pain; 2-3 inches above belly button
Moderate to Extreme lower abdominal pain; intestines very tender
Moderate to Extreme mid to lower back pain

Tests/Surgeries I've had performed:
Ultra Sound - Found an ovarian Cyst
2 CT Scans - Found nothing abnormal
Ovarian Cystectomy - All biopsy tissues normal
Gall Bladder Removed - Some small stones; nothing serious
Oral Endoscope - Gastroenteritis; all biopsy tissues normal
Complete Colonoscopy - Duodenitis; all biopsy tissues normal

My Story

Five months ago I started to notice a trend of lethargy, exhaustion, moderate abdominal and mid-back pain around 4PM. This was happening approximately one time per week. After about 3 weeks the incidents climbed to 2 or 3 times per week. Within a month I was becoming ill with these symptoms each day and I had noticed that I was only becoming ill 4 to 6 hours after eating.

Four months ago the pain became so bad that I ended up in ER where an Ultra Sound and 2 CT Scans with contrast was performed. They found a large cyst on my right ovary and removed it. I was told that would solve my issues and was sent home.

The very first time that I ate, I became ill approximately 4 hours later with the exact same symptoms presenting themselves. The surgeon was left scratching his head.

Two weeks later I ended up back in the ER in extreme pain. They knew that I had gall stones, but were scratching their heads because they were quite small and the organ itself showed little to no signs of disease. They removed the gall bladder that afternoon, by yet another surgeon.

Once again, as soon as I ate, I became ill. I was referred to a Gastroenterologist and over the last 4 weeks I have had both an oral endoscope, where they found gastroenteritis in my stomach and duodenitis in my small intestine. I was placed on Asiphex once per day. Again, I cannot eat. My Dr. admits that neither of those problems should be effecting me in this way.

Two weeks ago, I had a complete colonoscopy. They found nothing. I was placed on Bentyl to help relax the bowel and try to cut down on some of the pain. It helps, yes, but the problem is still present.

My friend and I have taken a look at Celiac Disease and I have removed all wheat and wheat products from my diet. I made some basmatti rice with 3 tablespoons of black beans. I ate 1/2 cup and was fine. The next day I had 1/2 cup for lunch and was fine. That night I had 1/2 cup and became very ill 2 hours later.

I survive on broth, popsicles and fruit at this point. Last night I had 3 small chunks of watermelon and became very ill 2 hours later. The doctors are scratching their heads and I am about at my wits end. Crying or Very sad Is there anyone out there who can help me?


I have the same exact problems. I'm 16 and have had this problem for years now. It started when I was really little and they thought I was just lactose intolerant. Well i'm not, its not just dairy products that make me sick its anything I eat, i'll wake up sick sometimes too I don't know what the problem is. I have ovarian cists also. And I had my galbladder removed last March. Nothings changed. I'm on Aciphex and Bentyl too, and now i'm on Lexipro to help calm me down to where i'm not thinking about it all the time, and it's helped a bit. I'm not as sick as I was or as often but I still get sick with diarrhea and abdominal cramps. I'm naucious all the time. I've had an egd and a colonoscopy and they didn't find anything. I guess we are just going to have to learn to live with it. :-( Everyone thinks I use it as an excuse and it's all in my head it drives me crazy noone understands how painful it is! Do they do that to you?
I hope you feel better!


They finally diagnosed me after having an upper GI and a supporting positive result with blood tests. I have Crohn's disease :( They never saw it before because it was in my small intestine about 30 feet down, for which they do not have a scope for that.

I am on my way to the doctor this morning to discuss my diagnosis, treatment and options.

I have been doing extensive research and found a promising diet for this disease call the SCD or Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It has a fabulous track record and makes total sense. The diet was invented by a mother, Elaine Gottschall, who worked in the medical field and was desperate to help her 4 year old daughter from having surgery that would have left her without most of her intestine and a with a colostomy bag for the rest of her life.


If you have not had an upper GI, I strongly recommend that you ask your doctor for one. This is a serious illness that needs to be treated immediately, as it can spread and show up anywhere in the GI tract.

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I'm glad they found out what was wrong with you. Keep me posted please on if the diet works or not. I had an upper GI and they still can't find out whats wrong with me.