Hey guys

basically six weeks ago i had a night of heavy, heavy drinking. ended up blacking out and throwing up countless times. I woke up feeling terrible, but then continued to feel terrible into the next day. The next night it was so bad I went to the E.R.. They gave me two IVs and morphine, said I was dehydrated and had gastritis and sent me home with prilosec OTC. the pain got a bit better over the next two weeks but still was there, constantly. I was then put on pantoprazole which had the same effect, I still had dull aching constant stomach pains all day. I finally went to a GI after four weeks. He listened to my symptoms and put me on Librax. same deal with the stomach pain. It also made me very depressed, so i went off that and am currently on Levbid. I am in constant pain and it is worsened when I eat. I had an endoscopy on thursday which showed no physical damage and nothing wrong. I am at a loss for what this could be. It has taken over my life. I am just 18 years old and starting college. Please help me out.