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i am varun /male/26
i ve stomach ache from past 10 days ans i've also lost appetite.
I run a call center so i work at night . i've done all the tests like liver function, kidney, bloo d sugar, renal profile widal,urine and everything is coming normal . i've done ultra sound of stomach & doctors found it normal but my stomach pain has been increasing .first it was at left side now its more on the right side of stomach lower abdominal & surrounding the stomach .now doctor is asking to go for CT Scan in which i m not interested . can u tell me what can be reason of this pain.
I dont smoke .
I dont drink . I m vegetarian & eat out like thrice a week


Hi! Why wouldn’t you have a CT scan done? It is really non-invasive and it is very accurate, it may reveal something that an ultrasound hasn’t.

I had similar pains when I was diagnosed with kidneys stones, the pain was on the sides and lower back, radiating to groins.
Sometimes, nutrition can play a big role in kidney stone formation. For example, high levels of oxalate could lead to stones formation and oxalate is very common in plants. If you don’t drink enough water, you may lead to the stones formation. I don’t know if you eat a lot of fish or if you eat fish at all, but fish contains purine that also contributes to stones’ formation.

Besides sudden pain, kidney stones may be associated with blood in the urine or even fever.
Although an ultrasound may reveal kidney stones, spiral CT scan may be even better.

Sometimes we uncover important metabolic abnormalities. Most commonly, however, a diet too rich in oxalate or purine and too poor in water or citrate is the culprit.