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There is a powerful link in medicine between the use of vitamins and the benefits to the human body, especially the stomach. Multiple studies indicate that patients who utilize supplements like Vitamin C can reduce inflammation in the stomach wall lining and help protect themselves against gastric cancers, but is it possible also to have harm from these vitamins? Let's take a closer look. [1]

To end the suspense, the answer is yes. It is possible for vitamin supplementations to cause gastritis but the explanation of why this occurs may surprise you. Traditionally, vitamins are something that it is almost impossible for us to overdose. Our body will absorb all the necessary vitamins that we need to complete our daily physiological processes and merely excrete the excess vitamins in urine. When it comes to vitamin supplementation, however, these vitamins are not the same preparation that we will typically digest through fruits and vegetables, and this is the main reason why we may notice gastric distress after taking these medications. 

Most of the vitamin supplements that are available on the market nowadays are synthetic preparations in the form of tablets. These tablets are engineered in such a way that the outer surface of the pill will be in a thick layer of coating. Not only is the coating something more difficult for our stomach to process, these pills also contain a large number of additives and preservatives to help give the medications a longer shelf life but taking them may not necessary be ideal for your stomach. 

Thankfully, not all supplements are linked to these stomach aches but one of the well known elements that can cause gastric distress would be iron. Iron is something that is commonly used as a supplement in the female population due to issues with anemia. We recommend that patients take these iron supplements on an empty stomach because it will be absorbed better into the body but this also is the reason that patients will have stomach pains. 

What you can do to try to avoid this unpleasant gastric sensation would be to alter the composition of what you are buying from the local pharmacy. As supplements become more and more common in modern society, supply and demand have caused many of the manufactures to try to differentiate their products to attract the consumer. That turns out to be something beneficial for vitamin users now because they can help with alternative preparations of these pills, especially iron. If you are typically taking vitamin supplements, the best option for you would be to try to purchase "whole-food" preparations of the vitamins, which will help augment the stomach pain because it is easier for our stomach to digest this more natural form of the vitamin. 

When it comes to iron, manufacturers are also preparing what is referred to as "gentle iron" supplementation now. This will not have the same level of preservatives and tablet coating compared to more traditional iron pills and it will be better tolerated in the patient. 

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