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Pregnancy is a time when your body changes every day in some respects and often brings new challenges for you to face. One of the things that women often face during their last trimester is a feeling of numbness. The most common areas that are affected include the hands, the feet, and the stomach.

Why does numbness on the stomach occur during pregnancy?

Numbness is most often perceived as a loss of sensation in an area or it could also be a feeling of pins and needles like when you sit in one position for too long. The same thing is essentially happening here as well.

During pregnancy, the body starts to swell up and retain water. This, in turn, leads to an increased amount of pressure on certain parts of the body where they nerve endings supplying the area of the skin can get compressed and cause numbness.

This is not something to be worried about and is considered perfectly normal.

Most people feel numbness on their stomachs as they enter the last trimester and the skin over the stomach really starts to get stretched out. In case the numbness is also present in other areas of the body, the numbness is likely to be felt immediately after sleeping or after resting in one position for a long time.

Associated symptoms

There is no actual disease or condition that we are dealing with in most cases and so there are only a few general symptoms like dryness of the skin over the stretched areas, a feeling of itchiness, or a cracking up of the skin that are observed.

It is important to remember that these symptoms may be observed in areas where there is numbness as well.

Can numbness on the stomach during pregnancy imply something serious?

In the overwhelming majority of the patients, a feeling of numbness on the stomach is just a superficial symptom that does not require any treatment or medical intervention. If, however, you feel that the area of numbness of increasing in area or severity then see your doctor to rule out any concurrent issue that may have arisen.


Your doctor may advise you to wear a hand splint or ask you to undertake some mild stretching exercises if you have numbness in the feet to help reduce the problem. In case of numbness of the stomach, though, there really is not too much to be done.

The feeling of numbness will subside as soon as the delivery occurs because the pressure on the skin will reduce and normal blood circulation should resume. There are certain creams and ointments which are available over-the-counter which claim to provide relief from this symptom but they should be only be used after getting an all-clear from your doctor.

If, even after the delivery the feeling of numbness has not subsided or actually increased then you need to get yourself examined by the doctor.


Even small symptoms can feel like a major problem during pregnancy, and that is something understandable, but this one of those cases where a little relaxation and allowing nature to take its course is all that is required.

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