For about two weeks now I've had this dull stomach ache. At first it just felt as if my stomach was being streched but now the ache has turned more into a dull pain. It used to feel more predominantly on the left side, then for about a week it felt like it was on the right side more. However, the pain is often on both sides just more dominantly on one side than the other. It often is felt from the end of my ribcage down to just about the height of my belly button. The other night it felt as if the pain was radiating to my side towards my back as well (that was the only time this occurred).

I have regular bowel movements, but sometimes I feel as if i need to defecate but I do not actually need to.

Sometimes my stomach feels as if its gassy or gurgling, but I do not actually have to pass gas. This isn't constant but is a symptom that is occurring at times. I am lactose intolerant but I know it is not due to that because I have avoided dairy products at all costs lately. 

I looked up my symptoms online and it seems similar to those of a gastric ulcer? I have lived in Africa (Ghana) for about two years now, so I could have contracted an infection from the often times unsanitary food and water conditions around here. None of the doctors around here are too reliable so I wanted to get some advice on what it could be before I consulted one for their opinion as well. Please help?!