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I have had mostly rib cage pain on the right side, but it also is on the left side sometimes. I have been taking Advil 4 times a day and sometimes it helps and sometimes not. I wish I knew what would help me to get has been 4 months. They have done all possible tests and nothing shows up so this has been two doctor's opinions. Anyone out there know anything else to do to help heal?


You probably have a scar tissue under the skin. But not confirmation.

Did you ever had an surgery on your chest or stomach? If yes, then it's definitely the scar tissue.

If not, then you might have slept on "wrong side" of your bed. It's a sort of against between the muscle and the bone. I do not know about your physical condition. i.e. thin or overweight.

If you are "thin" or regular frame then, consider a cold laser treatment from a chiropractor's office. It reduces the pain. It really works very well, but you cannot use it if you are overweight - you need to loose your weight that eliminate your problem. Hope that helps.