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i had unprotected sex (pull out method) about 1.5 -2 months ago. i got my normall period a week after that (i was suppose to get it in 2 weeks), so i was a week early.
then i got my second period after 26 days. (normally i get it every 27-28 days)
then i had my ovulation on right time, and i got my thrid period about 3 days ago. it was very light the first day but after that it is normal. and i have stomack bloating. (is it normal?)

i did lots of home pragnancy test and the results were negative. i had 2 blood test as well and the result were negative.
i know it sounds silly, of course i am not pragnant, but can you tell me is it still possible to be pragnant?

had 3 normal periods (the first one was 1 week early), home pragnancy tests and blood tests were negative. i don't get morning sicknesses...
is it possible?????? i don't know if i want to be pragnant or not...... 8-| ? :$


Yes!!!!!!!!! You are pregnant!!!!!! :-) lol this post was a joke, right? Three periods and negative tests?



Come on now, let's be nice. I'm sure her body must be gping through changes for her to wonder about pregnancy. Having regular periods cannot rule out pregnancy you know, if in doubt, go watch the show "I didnt know I was pregnant". Also, it is not uncommon to have the home pregancy tests always turn out negative until a blood test is done. Honey, I will advice you to go and see your physician and discuss these concerns with him/her. Okay? Goodluck.