I think i may be pregnant. My last period was Feb 27th. Right after my last period, my husband & i have had unprotected sex for five days striaght, sometimes more than twice a day. Since then, i've noticed a few changes. My breasts are more tender, i sometimes get headaches, back & neck aches, I'm really gassy, i'm more emotional/moody,and i've been peeing almost every hour. Sometimes when i pee, it's almost double the ammount the usuall & its really dark yellow, sometimes i fell sleepy/tired in the middle of the day for no reason, and also, my pants are really tight i think i may have put on 3-5 lbs...I'm woundering if these could be signs of being pregnant? I'm due for my period today and it hasnt came yet. I don't want to stress myself out over this...when would it be okay to take a pregnancy test? I hope it turns out positive!