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My boyfriend and i had unprotected sex about 2 or 3 days into my period. Could i be pregant from this? Cuz its only been two weeks, and im starting to feel really sick, like im going to throw up, and i have constant headaches, back pains, and some bloating. My next period isnt for another 3 or 4 weeks. The slightest foods make me sick. Is it too early for pregnancy symptoms? Or could i be experiencing something else, like the flu for instance? ?


It would be more unlikely for you to be pregnant since you did not have sex during your ovulation time. However, if you did not use a condom, or other form of birth control, it's slightly possible, since sperm can live inside of you for several days, possibly up until your ovulation time.

I'm not sure about your symtoms. I mean, from what I've read they can start a week after, but it varies from person to person.

Regardless, a positive pregnancy test wouldn't come up till at least the first day of your missed period.