I was about to travel long distances when my fiance and I had sex. I've been on Yasmin for a year now, which has obviously been working perfectly. The night of and night after, i took my pills regularly (the night after was later than usual). My pills were coming to an end and somewhere between different time zones and horrible jetlag, i missed the last 4 pills. 

Days later I had what seemed to be a regular withdrawal bleed, which lasted about 3 days 'normal' and 3 days 'light' or 'spotting'. a week later I've been feeling ill and had tender nipples for about 3.5 days which are back to normal now it seems (slightly tender but nothing to write home about). I have been feeling weak and tired as well, and in my yoga class 2 days ago I was in a relaxed position for most of the class as i felt like i would black out.

I'm one of those women who dont keep track of their cycles and has no idea when ovulation takes place. Could someone shed some light on any part of this? I know sperm can survive for days, so is it possible that i could've ovulated?