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okay i had sex with my boyfriend all this weekend
(febuary 20,21,22) and before. Hes came near my vagina
and im worried that some might have gone in.
i wiped it off with a towel and got in the shower after and rinsed off.
could i get pregnant by doing that? and im on birth control.
will it help? what would happen if i took two birth control pills?
what would happen? would it kill the egg?
help please. me and my boyfriend cant be parents yet


the fact that you are on birth control shows you have a responsible attitude.
you say you had sex over the weekend.
do you mean real sexual intercourse?
you say he ejaculated his sperms near your vagina, is that from masturbation, or had he been going - in and out - inside you vagina before, then pulled out and squirted his sperm on your thigh?
need more detail to give comprehensive answer really.
you cleaned yourself up after which is good .
you dont need to take two pills, but you can get special morning after pill if you are worried.
but i doubt that you are pregnant.
its difficult when you dont want to be parents, to manage successful intercourse for both of you because of the concerns and anxiety you face at times like this.
what your BC pills do, is convince your body that you are already pregnant, so then your ovaries do not release an egg
so that if a sperm does make its way up through your cervix and through your womb to your fallopian tubes, it doesnt find an egg to fertilise.
so you dont get pregnant.

the morning after pill, tells your womb, uterus , to shed its lining, same as when you have a period.
so all the lining of the womb and blood , and clots etc, all come out.
and if a fertilised egg has found it way to your uterus and embedded in the lining , that too is expelled.

so from what you said about what happened, and sperm didnt actually go up inide your vaginal lips , you should be OK.