Hi, I need someones opinion on this whole situation. Ok, I don't have dates but I do have details. :/
I started on birth control for the first time the Sunday after I stopped my period. I took the first 2 at different times of the day and I missed the next three and Saturday I never took one and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and I'm pretty sure he came inside me more than once. But the day before that I had breakthrough bleeding, (I'm guessing it was from missing the three pills?) and it lasted like 2-3 days but could I still possibly be pregnant? What are my chances? Low, high, anything? The bleeding ceased to a light brown discharge earlier today, and I'm drinking alot of water because I think I may have a UTI, but it's better now. I'm just kind of nervous. I'm mentally prepared to be a mother as strange as it may seem and I actually want to be pregnant, but if anyone has any clues, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Thank you (: