I had endometriosis for several years which had encased my entire right ovary and started to attach to my appendix. On December 2 2016 I had my right ovary and appendix removed. Dr stated that he did check my left side and there was no signs of endometriosis cells on that side. I have been on continuous dosage of low dose estrogen birth control and I have not had any bleeding in over a year or signs of a cycle. Now 6 months after my surgery, I have been bleeding for over two weeks. I am clotting a lot so I feel like my body is trying to stop but it has been clotting for over a week with no signs of slowing down. I am trying something as of a couple days ago and I am not taking the birth control for a week to see if that will stop the bleeding when I start back up on them. Has anyone had this problem at all? I am trying to avoid going to my OB if at all possible. This simply feels like my body just trying to in a way clean it self out after such a long span of not having a cycle at all. I started taking some iron pills (over the counter) do to the bleeding.