Short story:

Constant urethritis. No STD found. Some red spots inside urethra. Pictures:

Long story:

- no STDs found from swab test - urethral fluid shows inflammation - cultured few times which showed some random bacteria (enterococcus faecalis, staphylococcus mrsa) with minor growth.  - never had a discharge - no urge to pee - pain in groin area, lymph nodes not swollen, used to feel burning sensation - sensitive skin, seems like nerve irritation, mostly in groin area, but sometimes all body gets irritated - random pelvic pains, left and right side - random tingling penis tip and tingling/itching anus - something uncomfortable inside urethra - dark red (bluish) spots visible inside urethra. seems to be growing. - hsv1 positive, cmv positive. Never had a lesion. - had some fever symptoms, fatigue, sore throat and chills. They seem to fade away, only fatigue left and all the symptoms mentioned above.