The first day of my uti began three days ago. I felt pain while urinating and saw blood in my urine. The next day my period came (as expected since I'm on oral contraceptives). I went to the hospital and my uti was confirmed. I was prescribed macrobid and I have been taking it for almost 24 hours. I noticed my condition get better, it doesn't hurt while urinating. However, I emptied my bladder after sleeping for a few hours and felt a burning sensation in my vagina. It's really awful. My period has kind of just.. Stopped. It isn't completely, but its slower than it normally is and less heavy on the first and second day like it normally is. I was worried about potentially being pregnant so I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Anyways, I didn't start taking antibiotics before I was done my pack of pills so its not like they weren't effective... Could the stress and pain cause my period to be shorter/stop halfway/be lighter? Gross but my menstural fluid was not pink and it was still heavier than spotting. However all day during the supposed second day of my period I had barely what I normally so. Also, is it normal to experience a vaginal burning sensation during a uti after using the bathroom?