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Hi everyone

In november I had a UTI which I took antibiotics for.  Unfortunately, I suffer from Bartholin Cyst too which got badly infected half way through my course of UTI antibios.  So I finished those and started on the antibios for the cyst.

About a month later I was diagnosed again with a UTI, doctor said it was probably due to imbalance in the area from the antibios etc.  Took those and it went away however, it's been a month or so and whenever I use the toilet I get a strange sensation in my urethra.  It is not painful, itchy or burning.  But it feels almost like a very subtle feeling of needing the toilet again.  It is quite uncomfortable, but when I sit/lie down, the feeling seems to go away.

I noticed that kind of feeling when I had the UTIs but this feeling is not as bad as when I had them.

My bladder has no pain, there is no issues peeing, its just after I pee. It's almost like my urethra feels some kind of weakness.

Any ideas? Thanks


My name is michelle, I recently had UTI symptoms, frequent urinating, no burning, pain in my urethra.


I'm 50 and going through menopause, I took a urine test and it was negative, took macrobid and still having pain/pressure in my urethra.  Need advice whether to see a Urologist?


Thank you.








Did you ever get any relief or answers?