So a couple months ago, I developed nighttime anxiety, where I would have trouble sleeping, realize that I had trouble sleeping every night, then have a panic attack because I thought I would never be able to sleep soundly like I used to (before this came on). It originally started because I have overactive bladder which kept me from sleeping, made me go to the bathroom every 3 minutes, and the anxiety made those effects worse before bed. Although the bladder problem is getting slowly better (because now it only acts up at night because I have anxiety), I still have the anxiety that came with this bladder problem. And what I would like to know is; is there any way to help diminish this anxiety for good? I don't drink soda, coffee or alcohol, I still to a general sleep schedule (when the anxiety isn't ruining it), and I try to not stay in bed when having a panic attack. Is there any reason this is still happening? How do I stop it? Will this go on forever? I really would like some help because I've have a hard time communicating with people about this. Please help. Thanks